Harper’s Ferry 

This trip started nicely enough. I went to a wedding in DC last October, and had so much fun dancing there, that I decided I should go back and dance there again in the next year. So, I made plans. 

It happened that the weekend I chose coincided with a student – run festival. Since my brain is already full of things to work on from Chicho and Juana, I skipped any workshops this weekend, and made some plans to hike during the days in the area. 

Old Rag was a huge draw, but of course this is no quick day hike- and I already know that the day I hike Old Rag, it will also be the day I have nothing else planed but a fabulous meal afterwards. So, that one will have to be it’s own trip, with tango being second fiddle. 

I decided on the first hike being Loudon Heights trail. Mapped it all out, printed, and conveniently packed it in the purse that I left at home. Haha. So, after arriving to the park, I get inaccurate info from the visitor’s center, and then got myself lost for two miles. 

I didn’t realize I was lost, because there was a parallel trail near the river’s edge, that was carpeted on each side with intoxicatingly fragrant Blue Bells. The scent reminded me of the Purple Nightshade I smelled in the desert, which of course, brought back wonderful memories. 

By the time I reached the second park shuttle stop in old Lower Town in Harper’s Ferry, I was quite unhappy. I did not see my familiar AT blaze that I had been looking for. With day time running out, I hurriedly backtracked. Still no blaze. 

After an hour wasted in backtracking and searching, I finally found it. I decided then from looking at the time I had left in the day, that Loudon Heights was no longer possible to be the end of my hike.

So, I decided to have a wandering day. 

And I happened to be in the same town as the AT headquarters. Check out these inspirational prople…maybe one day I will be lucky enough to have my picture on this board. 

So, wandering around the Lower Town was like Disney…full of kitschy tourist traps and gift shops. There were some historical spots around, which were interesting. 

I finished my afternoon with a lamb gyro, and ice cream. 

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