Billy Goat Trail

This one was an excellent recommendation. I was in DC for the weekend to dance, but wanted to get in some hikes during the days. A friend posted a beautiful photo and advised I go to Billy Goat Trail. After doing some internet research on the trail, I understood why it had the funny name. I posted the idea to see if any other friends wanted to go with, and I had one brave soul agree to adventure with me.

The rock scrambling began five minutes after walking on the trail, and continued for the remainder of section A of this trail. We had originally designed to hike both section A and B, but after completing A, we were tired enough.

It was more scrambling than hiking

It was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm. Even with the ton of SPF 50 that I applied twice, I still got a burn.

Lily white skin OMG

We came to a large boulder that we climbed, and saw a girl climbing a larger and much more vertical one. We both wanted to do that, too. We agreed to give it a try, and I went first. My friend followed. This brave woman!

This is the first vertical climb I’ve done

Pretty sure it’s her first one, too

On the way up, Stella, who was already at the top, asks our names, and starts giving us tips on how to get up to the top. We make friends instantly with Stella’s group of friends, and after we’ve all finished climbing up the vertical wall, we take a group photo. How amazing it is to make new friends this way!

New bouldering friends

After this, we move further down the trail, and find another vertical wall we have to cross. I was reminded of the Longhorn Sheep I saw in Zion, that were so casually and expertly crossing vertical rock walls. Feeling confident from our last climb, we cross on the low path as everyone else did, then we scaled the higher paths and cracks along the wall. We celebrated with a shady spot to perch on top of the rocks and watch other people crossing below, as we refueled on trail mix and carrots.

By the time we finished the trail and got onto the canal path, I proclaimed to my friend that we were on Easy Street now, and she immediately begins singing. Next thing, we were loudly singing songs from Annie most of the way back to the car.

Overlooking the Potomac

Hiking in the forest is pretty magical. It’s even more so when done with a friend. 

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2 thoughts on “Billy Goat Trail”

  1. It’s so sad that after living in Virginia for close to a decade, I’ve never once walked this trail. Now that I am clear across the country, I regret it. I’ll make a point to go hiking there when I move back!

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